Thursday, January 1, 2009

Synergy: One keyboard to rule them all...

Moved my linux box / monitor next to my windows box, and set up Synergy ( so I only need a single keyboard and mouse.

The install went fine on both machines, including the quicksynergy install on the linux box, but ran into a problem connecting.

With the windows machine in running a Synergy test in server mode, with Logging Level set to Debug1, these messages appear when the mouse got to the right side of the screen (where it should have gone to the linux box):

DEBUG1: try to leave "" on right
DEBUG1: no neighbor right

With the windows machine in running a Synergy test in client mode, this was the error:

ERROR: failed to connect to server: The attempt to connect was forcefully rejected

On the "Using Synergy" page (, under the "Step 5 - Test" section, it has a list of common errors, including the "forcefully rejected" error, which correctly pointed to a firewall issue.  With the firewall off, it worked fine.

To take care of it, added a firewall exception:  
  • Settings > Windows Firewall > Advanced (tab)
  • Select connection, hit Settings button
  • On that window, hit Add...
  • Give it a name, add the IP for the linux box, and put in the synergy port (24800)

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